Super Colon Cleanse Diet

Super Colon Cleanse Diet - Raw Fruits and Vegetables. If you’re looking to cleanse your large intestine, then it’s best to look at a super colon cleanse diet first before looking at supplements and even while taking supplements. By changing your diet, you’ll be able to do a lot of the work of a colon cleanse without spending a lot of money and you’ll be building the necessary foundation to keep your large intestine clean for life instead of letting it get filthy again.

In order to start your colon cleanse with food, you have to start cutting out the processed foods and high sugar foods. These foods build up in your digestive wall by creating hardened layers of mucous plague in the inside wall. This plague is meant to be flushed, but with poor diet comes an overload of plague and clogging of the bowel. By transitioning to foods like raw fruits and vegetables, you give your body a chance to recover from the overload by itself since you’re no longer piling on the plaque. This way too you will be able to get the optimal nutrients from the foods you eat since the colon will be more efficient at absorbing the needed nutrients. The cleaner the colon, the more efficient it will become at absorbing the good and sloughing the bad, so the process will start to speed up.

Eat lots of foods with fiber in them too. The roughage in fiber scrapes out the inside of your digestive tract and a lot of cleaning is done. Drink a lot of water too because the water will clean out your system naturally and keep you hydrated so that everything is working properly.

If you are taking a colon cleanser like Super Colon Cleanse, you also have to watch what you’re eating. While having a good colon cleanse is important, it’s also tiring. Detoxing your body is an effort for your body and you may find yourself exhausted at times. A colon cleanse also sweeps everything away, including good bacteria, so those have to be replenished as well. You can do this by eating foods like raw eggs or if that grosses you out, yeast flakes. Taking supplements like vitamin C and healthy oils like fish oil is also beneficial. Finally, you’ll need a good source of probiotics and good fermented food like Kefir or fermented sauerkraut in order to build up the supply of good bacteria in your digestive tract again.

While doing a colon cleanse, avoid foods that have tons of caffeine like coffee, avoid overly processed junk food like potato chips and ramen noodles, and quit smoking. These junk foods will only sabotage your efforts and not allow your system to clean itself out. When cleaning out your large intestine, the more natural your diet is, the better the cleansing will work.

A colon cleanse using food and not as many pills is a more natural way to go about it, but you may not see results as quickly. However, don’t be discouraged. Remember that it took years for the bowel to get as bad as it did, and it will take some time for the colon cleanse to be able to sort it all out, though it is still a fairly fast process.

As with any change in diet and lifestyle, make sure to consult your doctor and go over options with him or her to be sure that you are doing the right thing for your body and that you won’t do anything harmful by mistake.