How Does Colon Cleansing Work?

How Colon Cleansing Works Anyone who believes in colon cleansing will let you know that the benefits of having a healthy colon are essential to the body’s health. There are numerous conditions that people suffer from, such as gastritis or constipation, in which colon cleaning has helped to alleviate the symptoms.

These various problems occurring in the digestive system that result from an accumulation of toxins and mucoid plaque are improved with the use of colon cleansing. The main reason a bowel cleaner is used is because the body is unable to expel these harmful substances, and remove these accumulations. However, do you fully understand how colon cleaning works?

Colon cleansing works by using a natural remedy or product to remove any accumulations from the surface of the bowel. Other than removing the build-up of plaque from your system, a colon cleaning will work to detoxify and purify the body as well. It has been found that the use of certain natural herbs can clean the colon while helping to alleviate the problem of constipation.

The first step is to use the most common herbal colon cleaner called senna to stimulate bowel movements. As a naturally occurring plant, senna or Cassia. Senna is used to produce a laxative effect in the treatment of constipation. The medicinal part of the plant that is used consists of the leaves and pods. Depending on the brand of bowel cleanser, the senna can be ingested in a capsule, liquid, or tablet form.

After the normal bowel movements are achieved with a product containing senna, a colon cleansing formula will then use a combination of bentonite clay, activated charcoal, or psyllium to produce a good “scrub” of the colon wall. These substances have been found to remove any buildup that occurs in the intestine. This “scrub” is a gentle but effective way of ensuring that everything is removed from your intestine.

Therefore, it is important to use natural and herbal methods to clean our bodies. Thus, by using a combination colon cleaner, two main benefits are achieved – regular bowel movements and a good colon wall scrub. These benefits are truly worth it!