Why You Should Consider Natural Colon Cleansing

Natural Colon Cleansing Many of us tend to take our digestive health for granted. We only start to get concerned at the onset of a problem, like when we get a bad stomach ache or experience loose bowels. But when we don’t feel anything funny in our insides, everything’s just fine; there’s nothing to be worried about. That’s only natural, but one never really knows. There could be something seriously wrong with our digestion and we wouldn’t even suspect it until it’s too late.

Without our knowing it, our colon could be in danger of getting clogged up by an amassment of undigested waste left clinging to the walls of our large intestine. We may not feel a thing at first, perhaps not in our bellies. But even if it does not appear to impede with the digestive system, the ill-effects to the body’s health can still manifest itself in other ways, such as allergies, arthritis, even bad breath, body odor or acne. Other symptoms include obesity and chronic flatulence.

Regular bowel movement may not be enough to totally eliminate the wastes from our body, which would make colon cleansing therapy the only other recourse for purifying our system thoroughly. There are cleansing procedures such as colon hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation, which operates by injecting water to the rectum using an enema. And then there are also a number of colon cleansing medications available. But if one feels uncomfortable about being stuck with an enema, or if they just don’t agree with pumping their body with too much drugs (even if prescribed), there is still the option to consider natural colon cleansing.

It is important to keep in mind that any colon cleansing process should be done under medical supervision. On that note, natural colon cleansing could be considered the best method of intestinal clean-up, and certainly the easiest and safest. For starters, a significant amount of toxins in the body can be expelled through sweating. To facilitate this, regular liquid intake of a specified amount for each time in the day is recommended. This can be complemented with water or juice fasting later on, as always with a doctor’s consent.

Natural colon cleansing also entails a change of diet. This means more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and sprouts, raw/semi-cooked foods and plenty of liquids in place of meat, fried and fatty foods, refined sugar, bread and dairy products. Vegetables are rich in fiber, and along with fruit juices are chock full of alkaline that fight off the acidic toxins in the intestine. Wheatgrass juice in particular contains some marvelous colon cleansing properties.

It is also advised to undergo a special detoxification program every two years, lasting for a period as short as three days to a week or as lengthy as two to four weeks (still, it should be stressed, under medical supervision). For the particular duration, one is placed on a diet of raw foods; to be precise, a diet consisting solely of fruit and vegetables.

Those who have grown accustomed to their normal eating habits may find it somewhat difficult to acclimatize to the sudden shift in their dietary patterns. But eating right can only be beneficial to one’s health in the long run. As the phrase goes, “garbage in, garbage out,” though where the human body is concerned, sometimes the garbage taken in stays in. Natural colon cleansing ensures that the body takes in only what’s good and helps it to expel the garbage completely out.