Before You Buy Bowtrol

A lot of people have questions before they buy Bowtrol. They want to know if there are side effects. They’d like to know more about the ingredients of this natural colon cleanser. Here are some fact about the product that you may find helpful. Please take a second to and check it all out.

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How should you start taking Bowtrol?

When used as a supplement, people over the age of 18 should take an average of 3- 8 capsules before going to bed. It’s recommended to start with a low dosage and slowly build it up until your desired level of bowel cleansing is accomplished or as your doctor recommends. But the average dose for an adult is three capsules daily.

Is Bowtrol cleanser really safe for everybody?

If you are pregnant or nursing you may want to put off using Bowtrol Cleanse or ask your doctor for their recommendation. If you are on any sort of prescribed medication or have an underlying medical condition please consult your physician before taking Bowtrol Cleansing Products. It is a natural supplement formulated to cleanse your colon gently and safely, even for daily long-term use.

Should you change your diet?

The manufacturer recommends drinking plenty of water, eating whole grains and legumes with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits along with higher fiber intake.

Can Bowtrol cleanser help you drop weight?

Since everyone is different results will vary. It’s not really designed as a weight-loss product but some people have reported success in weight loss due to the elimination of built up fecal matter. This cleansing may help the body absorb essential nutrients more efficiently.

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It is safe to take Bowtrol even if you have IBS, severe diarrhea, severe flu symptoms, migraine headaches, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, diabetes or any other serious health issues?

It’s recommended to consult your doctor before taking Bowtrol if you have these or any other health issues that would cause even the slightest doubts or questions about this products use.

Can the cleanser be given to children?

Please check with your health care provider before giving this or any other supplement to children under 18. This product was designed for adults and not for people under the age of 18.

What if you’re taking the recommended number of capsules of Bowtrol per day and still not getting to 2-3 bowel movements daily?

Since everyone is different, they may achieve different results. If the desired results aren’t achieved within 15 days of starting the Bowtrol cleansing program please consult your physician promptly.

Is it safe to take other supplements while taking Bowtrol?

Make sure to check with your health care provider before starting any colon cleanse or detoxifying regimen or using any additional supplements.

What can people usually expect to experience with the Bowtrol cleanse?

The goal of a detoxifying cleanse is to help support the body’s ability to naturally achieve 2- 3 bowel movements daily, to let go of possible accumulated fecal matter and toxins and help support overall organ function. People generally can expect less water retention higher energy levels and less bloating. There should not be any severe cramping, weakness or abnormal stools.

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