Cleansing Tea

Body Cleansing Tea

There are enough people up in arms about it for us to realize that we live in a very toxic world and that it is affecting us. We inhale dangerous gases from cars; we eat processed foods that harbor all sorts of unnatural substances and so on. Unfortunately, try as it might, our body can’t always handle these poisons; and, when toxins build up, we become ill. So, we need to consider ways of getting rid of these nasties.

You have probably heard of different means of detoxing your system and they can seem unpleasant, drastic or simply like too much of a chore. However, if colon irrigation or killer diets are not your thing, they are (fortunately) not the only options. It can all be done with a nice cuppa tea.

Mind you, we are not looking at your everyday tea; we are considering a special cleansing tea. What’s that? Well, a tea made of certain herbs that have laxative and cleansing properties. There are many types on the market and you can simply use one that comes in a bag, or, if you want to be specific with ingredients, you can make your own.

Cleansing teas use all parts of a plant from roots to flowers. Common ingredients include: barberry, slippery elm, senna leaf, cascara sagrada, chamomile flower and loads more.

Note though that some of these herbs are very powerful and could cause side effects such as headaches and nausea so get some advice from retailers or herbalists before brewing a cup. Definitely avoid them during pregnancy. Also, don’t drink the teas for long periods of time; two weeks is usually sufficient but, follow the instructions in terms of number of cups a day and time period. No worries, they are not habit-forming.

Different herbs target different organs, so check this out when you are choosing your tea. The benefits are numerous, so start with where you feel you need a cleanse most. Having said that, most of the time you would want to do a colon cleanse. This is because an unhealthy colon will affect the entire body. You may want to detox your liver, but if your colon is in a bad state, it will only clog up the liver again.

So, what are these benefits?

  • Improved overall health and sense of wellbeing.
  • Reduced fatigue and increased energy levels (who wouldn’t want this?)
  • Improved concentration and mood (think of the poor souls who have to put up with you daily).
  • Improved skin health and complexion.
  • Clearing of acne (teenagers listen up).
  • Increased immunity.
  • Reduced headaches (which are one of the side-effects of toxin buildup).
  • More efficient functioning of organs and glands.

That’s an impressive list of overall benefits, but if we just hone in on one part of the body – that important colon – we can see more pluses.

The main problem that we experience in the colon is a buildup of waste matter on the walls of the colon. This can result in an increase in toxins which can then spread into the body causing overall ailments. Furthermore, this buildup hampers efficient uptake of nutrients which means that you could not be getting enough vitamins and minerals. (And you may eat more. Alarm bells: increased weight.)

Cleansing teas help get rid of this waste build-up which then:

  • Removes harmful bacteria and parasites from the colon.
  • Relieves constipation.
  • Improves waste elimination from the digestive tract.
  • Freshens breath (halitosis sufferers, consider this one).
  • Increases nutrient absorption.
  • Results in weight loss.
  • Eliminates bloating and flatulence.
  • Improves the health and functioning of the digestive system.

Not a bad list here either – convincing.

So, once you decide to give cleansing a go, you need to choose a tea. For this always:

*Consider what you want to achieve. *Choose a product that contains only natural ingredients. *Do some research around your problem and the different teas that are available.

Cleansing your body regularly is important and these teas are an effective and easy way of doing it. Take a tea break.

Article written by Juliet Du Preez for Circles of Light a self improvement blog.