Your Colon And Sugar, Can They Be Friends?

Your colon can handle a ton of abuse over many years but sooner or later it will say enough!. It usually does this by clogging up and requiring a thorough cleansing. Cleansing of the colon isn’t a major problem, as any lower bowl aficionado will attest however it is work you really don’t need to do.

Colon Health – Is Sugar Bad For Your Colon?

Taking Care Of The Colon

Prevention is better than cure, everybody knows that and nobody who has any common sense would argue. Of course if you are unaware of how something might affect the body then it could be a case of best intentions in the world but stuff still happened. So what has sugar got to do with this? First of all sugar is not the enemy, at least not the only enemy and not an enemy if taken in moderation.

Sugar in Moderation

The rule of thumb for what is ‘in moderation’ is simple. If it tastes good and feels good, then the less the better. If it is bland and unexciting, load up on the stuff. Not very scientific but you get the message. With sugar, there are different kinds of sugar, just as there are different kinds of fat. Refined sugar is the enemy to some degree, we put far too much of it in our coffee, tea, cakes, sweets and what have you. But there is a far more evil enemy out there, lurking in just about everything we eat and waiting to clog your colon.

Hidden Sugar In Processed Food

It is the hidden sugar, and there is tons of the stuff, that food manufacturers smother their product in to hide the taste of the preservatives and colourings and other chemicals they use to increase shelf life and profit margins. Fortunately they have to list the ingredients on the packaging so you can see how much of what is inside the pack is sugar. Don’t be shocked to red the second or third item on the list is sugar. That means it is the second or third largest single ingredient. Check out a can of soda, after carbonated water the next thing you will read is sugar. There is lots of sugar in a can of soda. But they also put it in sausages, read the hot dog pack. It is in canned food and of course, those microwaveable TV dinners. If it is convenient, it will be sugar city and that isn’t good for any part of your system and especially not your colon!

Kick Your Sugar Addiction