Enema Colon Cleanse

Medical Doctor With An Enema In Hands. For centuries, enemas have been used as a means of general colon cleansing. Since most males in their later years should be getting regular colonoscopies, they will often be instructed to use an enema the night before to clean out the colon for viewing the next day.

For those unable to move due to injury, illness, or age, an enema is often necessary to clear out fecal blockage in the colon and keep digestion running smoothly.

Up until recently, enemas were typically only administered by nurses in hospitals and nursing homes. Now, however, they are readily available in stores and typically come with a saline solution in sizes for both adults and children. A majority of the time, enema users will prefer to use plain tap water instead of the saline solution to provide the necessary colon cleansing effect, or perhaps a mix of the two to produce a less potent solution.

It is important to keep in mind when using an enema that you are dealing with some of the thinnest, most sensitive membranes of the body. Always be sure to remain in a relaxed, comfortable position when administering an enema, and only use them as often as directed by your doctor or health care professional. Overuse of enemas could lead to the digestive system becoming dependent upon them.

However, when used properly, history and time have proven the enema to be one of the most effective cures to common digestive problems. In addition to clearing up the problem at hand, an enema in general promotes good hygiene around the body and frees any accumulation on the colon walls. Once the colon is cleared, often the congestion, headaches, and general pain associated with digestive problems will disappear as well.

There are many different types of enemas on the market today aimed at curing different ailments. Make sure that you consult a doctor before beginning any enema therapy.