Health Benefits of Probiotics

Bowtrol ProbioticProbiotics are widely known to serve as dietary supplements. They contain bacteria that benefit your digestive system, and also carry lactic acid bacteria [LAB] that are used in the production of foods because of its sugar-converting capability.

Apart from probiotics serving as dietary fiber, they act as naturally occurring gut flora. This is good for regular functioning of your stomach and the rest of your intestines.

Doctors and dietitians commonly recommend these friendly bacteria for you, particularly if you have recently been through a course of antibiotics, which are known to set your stomach bacteria out of balance. Or your doctor might advise you to have them during a candidiasis gut infection, in order to strengthen your immune system.

While your immune system may be put of balance with treatments you undergo, probiotics help to bring that balance back. They are also known to bring back your bacteria balance after you have consumed alcohol or suffered stress or any disease. Each of these situations decreases the number of bacteria in your body, which allows competing agents to damage your health. Probiotics nullify these competing agents through the bacteria they plant in your system.

Another health benefit that probiotics are known to have is the management of lactose intolerance. You body may not tolerate lactose, but probiotics can help you surpass this intolerance because it converts lactose into lactic acid. This means that digestion is improved, as conversion from lactose to lactic acid is a breakdown process that should take place naturally.

It is also thought that probiotics can help protect you from getting colon cancer. Laboratory lactic acid bacteria experimentation has revealed anti-mutagenic effects with probiotics. This is said to resist colon cancer in rodents. It is hoped that they will have similar effects on human beings.

Probiotics may also lower your serum cholesterol level. It is assumed that they do this by decomposing bile, and restricting re-absorption. This is considered to be an important function that can benefit many people, as individuals try to constantly try to achieve stable and lower cholesterol levels. According to some studies, LAB-fermented dairy foods have reduced cholesterol levels in some human beings. Additionally, clinical trials have shown that LAB-fermented milk tends to reduce blood pressure.

There are other health benefits of probiotics as well. Evidence shows that B. infantis 35624 prevents Irritable Bowel Syndrome, while probiotic lactobacilli may rectify trace mineral malabsorption. Studies about these benefits are ongoing, and what is currently known may not be widely accepted.

Though there is a lot of information available about what health benefits probiotics have, there is not enough published evidence to validate what some researchers claim. However, experimenting with probiotic therapies appears to have revealed encouraging results. These serve as a platform on which more research maybe conducted.

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