Using Enemas For Bowel Cleansing

Enema kitFor many people, colon cleansing is a normal process that they undergo to help their intestines remain regular, and for overall body health. One way in which to carry out bowel cleansing is through the use of an enema.

An enema involves using liquid and entering it into the colon. An enema can be done for many reasons, especially in where there is some illness within the intestine.

We have recently reviewed the history of colon hydrotherapy, and it was shown how enemas were first known as clysters. These “clyster bags” were made from an animal’s bladder and were used to administer an enema. The original bags could hold less liquid than the ones used today, and it was difficult to remove the enema liquid from the bag.

An enema is mainly used to remove the wastes that have accumulated within the colon. This waste is a buildup from the meals that the person has consumed, and the body takes a long time to expel it. This is particularly true when the diet is poor.

After the liquid is introduced into the colon, it will soften the wastes, and it can therefore be expelled through the anus. The great thing about an enema is in its ability to be self-administered. Colonic irrigation requires a health professional to conduct the procedure, but certain colon cleansers such as cleansing pills or enemas do not need someone else to perform this task. Instead, it is possible to by an enema over the counter and administer it at home.

People at home or alternative health care providers do not only use enemas, they are also used within hospitals. The most common medical enema is the barium enema. This involves having an enema made of barium that is placed into the colon. Afterwards, the person would undergo x-rays to view any problems. Enemas can also be used to administer drugs by doctors, when there are medical problems occurring in the abdomen.