What's In Your Large Intestine or Colon?

The Health of the Large Intestine or Colon. Nowadays, the statement that death begins in the large intestine is even more actual that it was many years ago! Hard to believe? Autopsies usually show that the intestines is clogged up to 80 percent with waste material. Clinical researches show that the average American, by the age of thirty, has 10-15 pounds of hard compacted fecal matter in the colon.

The primary purpose of the large intestine is to extract water and nutrients from the fecal matter. Then it eliminates what can not be used by the body. A normal, healthy colon will push waste out within 18-24 hours of consumption. You should have 2-4 well formed bowel movements a day. Your bowel movements should be eliminated effortlessly, within seconds after sitting down. If you don’t have bowel movements 2-4 times a day and you have to strain or read a magazine while waiting for movement, you are constipated.

Let’s talk about that for a minute. Most people think that if you don’t have a bowel movement for a couple of days or maybe even a week, then they are constipated. Who would have thought that your suppose to go 2-4 times a day? Then we think that if we just take some laxatives or maybe go to the doctor for a prescription, then everything will be fine. What you don’t know is that if you and your doctor are treating your constipation with prescription or over the counter drugs, you are only covering up symptoms, which could be making the condition worse.

Why are People so Constipated?

Drinking water to prevent constipation. With the processed foods that we are eating and the carbonated beverages that we drink, our bodies are not made to get rid of all that. Not to mention, the pollutants in the air. The excess fat that we eat actually make our waste sticky. With that, most people are dehydrated as well. For a healthy person, they are suppose to drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day.

Who does that? So, this sticky waste sticks to our colon. There it dries out and hardens onto the walls of the bowel. Think of cholesterol in your arteries. That’s what happens in you colon, it starts to cause blockage and makes it difficult for movement. Remember what was said at the top of the page? The purpose of your large intestine is to extract water and nutrients from your waste and eliminate the rest. How can it do that if it is blocked.

See why you may be tired? If your stools are small and narrow or short and hard, you have poor bowel movement. Waste may not leave your body for days. Feces that remain in the colon start to decay. That decay releases toxins and poisonous gases that seep out into the blood and poison all the organs and tissues.

So, your feeling tired all the time or not having enough energy to get through the day has nothing to do with not getting enough sleep or needing just one more cup of coffee. Your colon is lined with fecal matter. There for, your not getting the nutrients your body needs and not getting rid of the toxins in your body. What do you do about it? Take your health in your own hands and start with a colon cleanse!