How To Prepare For A Colon Cleanse

Colon cleansing is not a procedure that should be completed at whim. Instead it is important to first listen to your body and determine if it would be a good time to carry out a colon cleanse. If your body is feeling sluggish or constipated, then now is a good time to start preparing for a colon cleanse. Other sensations to watch out for include having a bloated feeling, or hard stools accompanied by a strange smell. This is your body’s indicators that a procedure is needed.

Colon cleansing foods

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If you are new to colon cleansing, you might be feeling overwhelmed about the process of preparing your body for a colon cleanse. However, do not become weary about the task ahead. Preparing for a colon cleanse will make you feel healthy, and get your body into the right condition in order to carry out the cleanse more effectively.

The overall general advice is to reduce your intake of heavy and unhealthy meals before carrying out a process. This would include reducing your intake of alcohol and soda pop.

A few days before you start, it is best to prepare for a colon cleanse by reducing your fat and sugar intake. Less fat and sugar in your colon will help you feel tremendous, but can allow the colon cleanser to work more effectively. At this point it is also important to eat only light meals while also trying to reduce your protein intake. Drinking the recommended daily allowance of water can also help your colon while you prepare for a colon cleanse.

Examples of light meals that can be eaten in preparation for a treatment are meals such as salads and soups. Ensure the soups are low in salt, and contain plenty of vegetables. Fiber can increase the success of your colon cleanse, so also increase your intake of cooked or raw vegetables.

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Instead of your regular salty or sweet snacks, try snacking on raw vegetables, or fresh fruit. Fruit juice that is unsweetened or low in sugar is quiet beneficial before a cleanse.

Overall, you can prepare for a colon cleanse by decreasing your intake of dairy foods, and certain grains such as wheat. It is also recommended to start or increase the amount of exercise you do. This will increase the blood flowing to the colon, which is beneficial during a colon cleaning.

More than anything, remaining calm and having a positive attitude are also essential in preparing for your colon cleanse!