Colon Cleanse Reviews: Natural Colon Cleansing Products That Work!

Diet and Detox have become two of the most commonly used buzz words within the world of health over the past decade, for a variety of reasons. Poor eating choices, fast paced and stressful lifestyles, and a constant urge to look and feel our best have inspired millions of men and women worldwide to invest in colon cleanse products, fad diets, and spend billions of dollars on the next guaranteed solution for weight loss and body detoxification.

Digest It Bowtrol Natural Colon Cleansers

But what if you found a way to skip all that? What if you were told there was a way to greatly improve your overall digestive health, cleanse your body from toxins, and reduce the amount of waste built up in your body, without changing your daily routine, dieting, or suffering through a lengthy detox diet?

Truth is, we would all love to be able to eat the foods we love without worrying that our digestion, colons, intestines, and health overall will deteriorate. The good news is that this “pipe dream” itself is becoming a reality thanks to some of the top rated colon cleanser products available on the market:

What Makes Colon Cleansers Different?

Colon Cleansing in its own right has become one of the most popular and effective ways for men and women of all ages, shapes, and sizes to not only improve their digestive systems and overall colon health, but also to lose weight and rejuvenate the body. What really makes colon cleanse products stand out is the fact that they often work as a diet and a detox simultaneously, and don’t necessarily rely on any other lifestyle changes to work. Simply use the colon cleansers as directed, and watch as your colon, your overall health, and your body change and cleanse for the better.

So what’s the catch?

The problem with colon cleansers is that many companies, manufacturers, and websites are now realizing just how popular these supplements are, so they are rushing to get their own low-quality, knock off colon cleansers to the market.

What’s even worse is there are now statistics showing that close to 90% of colon cleanse products on the market consist of nothing more than cheap ingredients and useless filler.

So the question becomes:

How can you make sure your hard earned money goes towards a product that will actually offer you real results and benefits and not a product that is nothing more than an expensive sugar pill?

For the answer to that question, and a lot more, you have certainly come to the right place.

Here at we have worked tirelessly to research, compare, rate, and review all of the top colon cleansers on the market. Our expert insight and advice will help you immediately decipher the proven and reliable colon supplements from the knock-offs, and allow you to be well on your way to a cleaner, healthier you.

Which Colon Cleansers Work Best?

Our team of natural health experts has spent more than 3 years researching and reviewing practically every colon cleansing product available, in order to determine which products can live up to the hype and which are nothing more than the product of mass marketing campaigns and false promises.

Each one of our expert reviewers ranked current colon health supplements on a variety of factors including, but not exclusive to:

  • Quality of Ingredients
  • Potency of the Formulation
  • Potential Side Effects
  • Price and Overall Value
  • Bonuses and Discounts
  • Company and Product Reputation
  • Time Required for Best Results

On top of our own expert feedback, we also understand that reviews and feedback from real customers is one of the best ways to determine the effectiveness of a product. So with that said, our expert panel also gathered hundreds of customer reviews and an array of user submitted feedback in order to determine precisely which colon cleansers are the best on the market.

With all of that in mind, above we have provided a full and complete list of the top colon cleansing products on the market, and below you will find an in-depth break down of the supplements that received our highest overall rating.

Top Rated Colon Cleanse Products

#1 – Digest It

Digest It Colon Cleanse Out of the wide variety of colon cleansers that we have reviewed, both good and bad, Digest It had no trouble ranking above the rest as our #1 recommended colon cleansing supplement. Not only does the formulation possess the purest and most potent cleansing ingredients, but the supplement itself also has the highest overall satisfaction rate amongst consumers.

Aside from utilizing its unique blend of proprietary ingredients to regulate healthy digestion and flush out unwanted waste from your colon, Digest It also has the clinically proven ability to stimulate your metabolism and help burn fat thermogenically. That means you get the benefits of a full body detox as you flush out years of built up fat, waste, and toxins while also enjoying results such as increased energy, weight loss, reduced gas and bloating, and a healthier digestive system overall.

Digest It is a dietary supplement that you take every day – either in the morning or before you go to bed at night. It does not contain any ingredients that will cause indigestion and it will not cause you to have loose, watery stool. So there is no need to worry any longer regarding getting harsh unwanted side effects.

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#2 – Bowtrol

Bowtrol Colon Cleanse Bowtrol is another colon cleanser that was easily able to set itself apart from the crowd of colon supplements available on the market. Utilizing all natural herbal ingredients, Bowtrol has the ability to stimulate better overall colon health, improve digestive function, and even provide relief from any current or future constipation. The addition of powerful probiotics also assists in improving intestine health by stimulating healthy flora.

What is even more impressive than the potent formulation and quality of ingredients used is the incredibly positive feedback from real-life consumers of Bowtrol that can be found on and offline. Many satisfied customers noted that they could see and feel the toxins and waste leaving their body during the cleanse, and a number of others noted that their metabolism increased or that they lost weight on top of it all.

The fact that Bowtrol can cleanse the colon and negate gas and bloating without side effects, such as cramping or loose stools, is what cemented its status as a top recommended product amongst our expert panel. If you are searching for a high quality, affordable and proven colon cleanser that comes with zero side effects and an ironclad money back guarantee, Bowtrol could very well be your ideal solution.

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What About The Rest of The Colon Cleansers Available?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions by first time visitors to our colon cleanser review site, and a valid question to say the least. While it may seem prudent to recommend more products in order to ensure that we meet the needs of potential consumers looking for a colon cleanse, the fact is that there are no other products that our expert panel was fully comfortable recommending.

Your safety and overall health is our priority, and we would never recommend any colon cleanser that is not 100% safe, and consisting of 100% natural ingredients. On top of that, we feel value, ingredient quality, and a money back guarantee are crucial for any product in the natural health space, and when all of those factors were combined, the two supplements mentioned above were the only ones we were satisfied with.

Why Should You Cleanse Your Colon?

With the increase in processed foods that we consume, which happen to be full of chemicals, foreign substances, and saturated in fat, our bodies are currently in a state of flux. Our intestines and digestive system do not know how to properly absorb and digest these types of food and thus our colon becomes full of toxins, fat, and unwanted waste.

Much of this waste is meant to be flushed out by the colon, however it becomes clogged and remains trapped. This problem only grows worse with time, and if left untreated can be a primary cause for poor health overall. The unwanted waste begins to harbor and breed additional parasites and toxins which can in turn wreak havoc on your body.

By utilizing a colon cleanser, the toxins, waste, fat, and build up is effectively flushed out of your system. This strengthens your intestines and ensures the walls can absorb more minerals, vitamins, and nutrients instead of harmful additives. Once the waste is flushed out the body becomes lighter, healthier, and more energized. It is able to absorb fuel from the food you ingest and help your digestive system once again work the way that it was meant to.

As if that wasn’t enough on its own to inspire anyone and everyone to benefit from a proper colon cleanse, consumers can also enjoy benefits such as:

  • A Flatter Stomach
  • Reduced Gas and Bloating
  • Cure Digestive Problems and Related Illnesses
  • Reduce Risk of Cancer

Who Needs A Colon Cleanse?

Just a few years ago any mention of the colon or an actual colon cleanse made people squirm, as it was simply not a mainstream topic nor something that was common to do. However the influx of unhealthy food and the vast array of research that has been done since then has made colon cleansers very popular and common within the natural health market. Men and women of all ages are opting to improve their digestive health and cleanse their bodies of all of the toxins and waste that can build up over the years.

Some medical professionals even go so far as to suggest that every individual over the age of 16 should consider cleansing their body at least once a year. Thus, in reality we all need colon cleansers and no matter how old you are or how healthy you fell the benefits of a proper colon cleanser are undeniable.

On top of that, there are also a number of symptoms that are brought on by an unhealthy colon. If you suffer from one or more of the following health issues it could very well be a sign that your colon is unhealthy:

  • Excess Weight Gain
  • Lack of Energy and Overall Fatigue
  • Sluggish Feeling and a Sense of Being Bloated Before or After Meals
  • Bloating and Constipation
  • Intestinal and Gassy Discomfort
  • Poor Digestion

How to Choose the Best Colon Cleanser

There are a variety of methods that can be used to try and determine which colon cleanser is in fact the best, and which are nothing more than shoddy knock-offs. However, doing all of the research and analysis on your own can often be time-consuming, expensive, and very difficult. That is precisely why we put together, in order to make the experience more enjoyable and help you save time and money while also cleansing your body.

With that said, there are a number of factors you always want to keep at the forefront. You always want to make sure that you are purchasing from a company that has a quality reputation and investing in a product that is backed by real feedback from consumers. This is the best way to make sure that a product is actually proven, and that  you won’t just end up with some expensive vitamins that barely provide benefits at all.

On top of that we also feel that natural ingredients and a guarantee in terms of a lack of side effects is incredibly important. Colon cleansers are supposed to help you detox and clean the body, so why would you want to consider a product that could bring forth unpleasant side effects? We already put enough toxins and chemicals into our system through the food we eat, so make sure you are serious about only trying colon cleansing supplements that are 100% natural and safe.

Even if you are desperate for the benefits that a product offers, your overall health and safety has to remain a priority at all times.