Colon Cleaning - How Frequent?

Colon Cleanse - How Frequent?It is important to have a routine to ensure your colon remains as healthy as possible. First of all, knowing the criteria that is needed to determine if your colon needs cleansing is important, and will help you decide how often to cleanse.

Looking at your feces will determine if it is the right time to do a colon cleanse. The normal stool should be light brown, and should be passed easily from the intestines. If you are straining or having difficulty with passing stools, then it is time to do a colon cleaning. If your stool is healthy, it should also float, and be accompanied by a mild odor. Very malodorous stool, or stool that is too dense can signify constipation, or a problem occurring within the colon.

Many alternative health professionals will recommend someone with a gastrointestinal condition carrying out a colon cleansing more frequently than others. This is due to the fact that their intestine is already susceptible to the bad quality of food, and the preservatives it encounters. The person with any disorder of the intestine will have to be more vigilant than someone who is only looking to clean his or her colon because of his or her health benefits, and not also to cure or prevent an illness from occurring.

For some people doing a colon cleaning can be regularly on a weekly or monthly basis, while some others will only need to do so every quarter.

Overall it is best to first start out a colon cleaning routine, it is advised to start off with cleansing at least 3-4 times a year. Then gradually increase it to a level that you feel comfortable with. It is also recommended to keep a cleansing diary of the symptoms you feel. This can help you judge when is the best and recommended time for your body to cleanse.