Colon Cleansing Methods Aid In Constipation Relief

Constipation Relief Some people are firm in their belief that we should have at least one bowel movement a day in order to maintain good health.  Science says that is not always the case depending on individual factors in one’s life including diet, age and daily activity.

Never the less, the longer backed up fecal matter sits in the colon, the harder stool becomes to pass.  Eventually the build up waste matter can cause having a bowel movement more difficult and can cause constipation . Normal stool should not be hard nor soft, and should not be difficult to expel. The following paragraphs will discuss different colon cleanse methods, and how they can help treat constipation.

Natural colon cleansing often uses natural health and herbal supplements that are usually taken orally. The combination of natural herbs and fibers associated with herbal colon cleanse methods work together to increase the volume of your stool, thus causing your colon to contract more often. While this often helps to relieve constipation, this colon cleanse method is not real effective in breaking up the hardened waste on the wall of your colon. In order to break up the waste build up, as well as relieve constipation, a herbal colon cleanse should be used in conjunction with colon irrigation.

Another type of natural colon cleanse method is colon hydrotherapy, also know as colonics and colon irrigation. This type of colon cleansing process involves flushing out the large intestine by fusing water into a tube inserted into the rectum. This process not only aids in relieving constipation by causing the colon to contract, it also helps break up impacted fecal matter, that can also be a cause of constipation. In order to maintain overall good health, and regular bowel movements,  it is important to have a regular colon cleanse.

Finally, over the counter laxatives are used by many as a way of relieving constipation. Laxatives can be effective in helping on a short term basis, as the active ingredients promote contractions of the colon. But laxatives do not aid in cleaning the waste build up from your colon. And when using laxatives for constipation relief, you run the risk of dehydration.

There are many methods of colon cleansing that can help to relieve constipation problems. Before deciding on which method may be best for you, consult with a colon therapist in your area.