Will a Cleanse Curb Sugar Cravings?

If trying to lose weight has become a part of your lifestyle, you are not alone. According to some studies, more than half the people in developed countries like USA and UK are on a diet, at any given point in time. For most of these perpetual dieters, addictions to processed food and sugar pose a real problem.

Sugar Cravings

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Anyone who suffers from frequent sugar cravings knows how they can sabotage an entire week’s diet within a few minutes. Sugar is unhealthy, but it also extremely addictive, which is why most people find it hard to control their sweet tooth. One of the best ways to get over your sugar cravings is to reprogram your body to eat healthy and like it. A cleansing program can help you do exactly that.

How does a cleanse help?

Eating healthy is an integral part of most cleansing programs. You will be required to eliminate all processed and junk food from your diet along with all sugary beverages and replace them with natural, healthier alternatives. Initially you will find this difficult, but after a few days your body will adapt itself to the new diet and your cravings for sugar will automatically reduce. You may even find yourself preferring natural foods to processed junk after you experience the benefits of a healthy diet. Even if you occasionally crave sweets, there are many healthy alternatives that can satisfy you.

Healthy alternatives to sugary snacks

Fruit is the healthiest alternative to processed sugary snacks and candies. A piece of fruit, a glass of smoothie or a cup of dried fruit will all satisfy your cravings equally well and make you healthier in the process. Honey is also a good alternative for refined sugar as the body absorbs it more easily. Depending on the recipe, you can also replace refined sugar with honey or a plant based substitute like stevia. Most cleanses take anywhere between 3 to 30 days so by the time you finish the cleanse, you will find that your body no longer craves sugar as it used to.