Back Pain and Constipation – How to Forget about Both of Them

Lower back pain constipation. Constipation is a difficult evacuation of the bowels. This disorder is widespread among the populace of the United States, so almost every one during the lifetime has suffered from it at least once or twice. Some people are lucky enough to have constipation which is not lasting, but for others it’s a constant problem. For those people who go through this disorder constantly, constipation creates a lot of discomfort. What is more, back pain is often developed as a result of constipation. So such unpleasant discomforts, as back pain and constipation, often come together.

The position of the bowels sets conditions for the development of such disorders. When colon mass doesn’t go away and is build up inside the colon, it causes pressure to other organs which lie close to it. The lower back is positioned near the colon, that’s why it tries to assist in carrying the pressure and this often result in lower back pain constipation.

Back pain and constipation are interrelated discomforts, which are really common nowadays. According to recently held surveys, lower back pain constipation is the next common reason to visit a doctor after such common diseases as cold and flu. It’s believed, that constipation causes the constant pain in the lower back, and moreover, studies have proved that constipation defines how often it occurs.

Back pain, which caused by constipation, appears not only due to the pressure in the colon. When one tries to make some bowel movements and they are it’s hard to perform them, it results in stress. It’s surprising, but children are also exposed to constipation. So when children complain of pain in the back and are to taken to the physician, it’s quite often that you may hear that constipation is the reason of such pain.

How to understand that your back pain is caused by constipation? It’s quite easy. Check out if you have some of the symptoms listed here. And if you have some, it is the sign that you should visit a doctor or have your colon cleaned in an effective way. So the symptoms are:

  • Painkillers take no effect and the pain remains.
  • When you are trying to pass stool, the pain becomes stronger.
  • Persistent pain which grows stronger even if you’re lying down.
  • The pain appears not only in the lower back, but step by step walks up.
  • Bowel movements are difficult to expel and the bladder is under a pressure.

Fortunately, there are treatments which can bring a relief to sufferers from lower back pain constipation. To forget about this disorder, there’s often a recommendation to combine painkillers with laxatives or enemas. Healthy eating habits also help to get some help with curing it, so remember to consume food rich in fiber.

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