The Most Common Causes of Constipation

Constipation Causes and Treatment Usually, the causes of constipation are linked to the slow movement of waste through the intestine. Therefore, anything that will disturb how fast or the process of getting rid of wastes, has the potential to cause constipation.

The most common cause of constipation is drugs. The drugs that most people will complain to their doctor that is giving them constipation are drugs that work on the nervous system. These drugs include drugs for treating depressions such as amitriptyline, or anticonvulsant drugs that will be taken to stop and prevent seizures from occurring. Other drugs that are notorious for causing someone to have constipation are the class of narcotic drugs. Examples of narcotics include Percocet, and Codeine that are prescribed for pain.

These are only the main drugs that are known as a class of drugs to cause constipation in people taking them. However, it is possible for individual drugs to cause constipation as well.

If you do need to take a drug for treatment, then it is advised to consider a colon cleaning to decrease the likelihood of suffering from constipation. Your doctor can also advise you of an alternative drug you can take that does not cause constipation, but still produces the desired effect.

It is not surprising to realize that it is possible to develop constipation from bad habits. The number one bad habit that can cause constipation is someone putting off going to the bathroom when there is the urge to defecate. If this continually happens, the body will lose this urge, or the urge to release the stool will lessen. Eventually the stool will backup leading to constipation.

Diet is also another cause for constipation. Someone who does not eat enough healthy foods, will find themselves with a buildup of wastes as the body tries to eliminate it. People who get constipation from their diet are those who do not eat enough food rich in fiber such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Including these foods in the diet will help make the colon motile again. This is why many colon cleansers will include fiber to increase movement and help clean out the colon.