Laxatives are not effective colon cleansers

Laxatives Anyone who is in the process of using laxatives to help them with cleaning their colon, need to know that laxatives are not effective colon cleansers.

When taking a laxative to colon cleanse, there is the possibility that the laxative will cause more damage than the clean colon you are hoping for.

The reason for this is seen in how laxatives work. A laxatives main function is to work on the colon and remove any waste products located there. A laxative will act on the colon to quickly stimulate the intestines to pass waste products through as quickly as possible.

Therefore, when considering a laxative, realize that it is not effectively removing waste products from the intestine. Unlike a colon cleanser, which will “scrub” the intestinal wall, a laxative will only remove feces in the lumen of the intestine. Therefore, any plaque remaining on the wall will not be removed. Therefore, the intestinal wall is not properly cleaned, and instead the buildup of plaque and toxins will continue to interfere with the person’s health.

Another reason why laxatives are not ideal as colon cleansers is because they are chemical products. Colon cleansers are natural products that will not add to toxicity already in the intestine. However, using a laxative will increase the amount of impurities already present in the colon, especially if it is not completely expelled in the feces.

Another reason why laxatives should not be used is the diuretic effect they possess. As a diuretic, a laxative will cause the body to expel large amounts of water. This can cause problems leading to potential dehydration. This can be seriously as the body continues to lose water through the feces.

Most of all, a laxative is not advised as a colon cleaner because its main function is to irritate the lining of the intestine. Being an irritant is not an effective way to remove waste products. Therefore, when considering a colon cleanse, a laxative is not recommended!