Is Constipation Causing Your Weight Gain?

Weight Gain Due to Constipation. It is normal for everyone to gain weight at certain times in their life. For example, during the holidays, or as we get older. However, if there is a certain increase in weight, and it is not due to a Thanksgiving dinner, you might be constipated. With the increase in the poor quality of food, it is becoming increasingly aware that the food we digest is taking a longer time to digest, as the body tries to break down the number of additives to it.

For many older people it normal to see your metabolism slow down. However, if the reason for your weight gain is due to your body not being able to properly breakdown food, and release its weight, than a colon cleanse is needed.

It is not an old tale, that when your constipated your weight can increase. The human body is designed in such a way that if the intestine’s are packed with unprocessed food, it can slow down the body’s function. This is why many people who are constipated will complain of feeling bloated, as well as being tired and sluggish. The majority of the energy is not going into keeping the body functioning, but rather into processing food.

A colon cleanse is ideal for anyone who has discovered that their weight increase is a result of waste that remains blocked within the intestines. With a good colon cleaning, the body is able to flush out all of the toxins, impurities, and waste material that is causing that bloated feeling. Afterwards, the weight should return to normal.

In our own minds we are in denial that the bloating and weight gain we feel is the result of constipation. We have the concept of the intestines being smaller than they really are. However, it is possible for the intestines to hold at least ten pounds of waste. These ten pounds can easily register on the bathroom scale. Therefore, weight gain due to constipation is possible due to the capacity the intestines are able to hold.