What Is Mucoid Plaque?

Mucoid Plaque - Colon HealthDo you know what “Mucoid Plaque” is? Mucoid plaque is discussed often in terms of colon health. When undergoing bowel cleansing, it is the mucoid plaque that is removed from the lining of the intestine.

Depending on the substances you eat, mucoid plaque can build up to various levels, and remain as undigested food on the surface of the small intestine.

Firstly, “plaque” refers to any buildup of material, regardless of where it is located. “Mucoid” refers to the type of material that is accumulated, and in this case, it is composed of mucus. The large intestine produces mucus to help move the undigested food along. This mucus coats the surface of the undigested wastes, making it easier to mover through the body, and be excreted out as feces.

However, as the quality of the food we east decreases, and our intestinal motility slows down, not all of the waste is expelled, but instead deposited as plaque buildup with a covering of mucus over it.

This buildup of mucoid plaque then becomes a problem as the intestinal system is unable to expel it, and it instead starts to interfere with the motility, the person’s health, and the removal of waste from the intestine.

The most common and practical way to remove mucoid plaque is with the use of bowel cleansers. A bowel cleanser will increase the motility of the intestine, and this will help to breakup the plaque. Then the addition of a “scrubber” located in the bowel cleanser is then used to remove the mucoid plaque from the body. It is highly recommended that this plaque not be allowed to accumulate, but instead removes form the body. The accumulation of undigested material might lead to the various gastrointestinal illnesses or problems with digestion, that many people seem to suffer from today.