Detoxify Your Body With Colon Cleansing

Perfect slim woman measuring her leg. Not too many people realize that they may be suffering from abdominal bloating and possibly intestinal constrictions. This may be happening to you, too, and it is time to detoxify your body.

Some of these people discover their condition too late when they begin to suffer cramps from verticulitis. These are the black growths of over digested food that cling to the walls of the intestine and then tear the side of the colon, like a corrosive acid. Now pure poisons enter the blood directly. What follows is not only pain but frustration.

Anyone is a candidate. It happens not just to people with an unhealthy diet, but to anyone who consumes low-fat, healthy foods. The culprit in many instances is our modern, over processed foods which tend to bulk up and plug the intestine.

If food is not excreted within 24 hours, it begins to over digest. It starts to gather bacteria. That bacteria not only smells bad but it goes into the blood stream. The food begins to harden. It then bulks up and plugs the colon. The blockage forces more food to stay, to over digest, and to corrupt the entire body with its excretions of toxins.

The cycle keeps building up over the years. Most people strain through small bowel movements without feeling relief as if it were a natural part of living. Until something breaks down.

The first thing to break down from all the straining is the exterior walls of the colon where hemorrhoids form. This is an unrepairable condition. It goes undetected, but it should have been a “shot across the bow”, a first warning that something within the colon is wrong.

Next come the parasites within the intestines. These can take many years to be excreted from the body. And this is where a colon cleanse helps. It removes the hard, decayed matter that is clogging the colon. It dissolves those mounds of filthy, black infestations and makes them easy to expel without straining.

There are so many colon cleanse benefits, but unfortunately so many detox products turn out to be scams or of little value. When you engage in a body detoxification program, be sure to rely on natural colon cleansers that don’t build up gases.

Preferably, use one that’s known to help you lose weight because then you know for sure that it is removing the hardened waste. DigestIt is one of the best of such products available on the market today.

Stay away from laxatives. They do more harm than good. Besides, they are habit-forming. Stick to herbal-based solutions because they are gentle and a continuing program of colon health maintenance based on natural herbs is a winner.

One Very Important Point To Consider

Ridding your intestines of so much waste so suddenly during a colon cleanse will remove the beneficial bacteria (flora) that your intestines need for proper digestions. So be absolutely sure that your body detox program contains millions of lactobacillus micro-flora with every serving.

These are the probiotic catalysts that promote good bacteria within the intestine. Otherwise you are subjecting yourself to an attack from bad bacteria. So be sure you are replacing the good bacteria that is being flushed out.

You can rely on a colon cleanse product manufactured in the USA with USA-grown ingredients. One which is tested in FDA-approved laboratories. Visit our product reviews page for more details.

You may experience temporary gas and stomach bloating during the first week of colon cleansing. Initially you may not experience a bowel movement or only minor bowel movements. But when it happens, you may see an odd looking stool, perhaps with tapeworms and parasites. This is normal during a detoxification treatment.

It’s important to have patience and to follow through on your program. The waste build-up in the colon took years to grow. Give it a little time to be excreted. For good colon health, intestinal buildup needs to be taken seriously. If you already feel you should be doing something about your current condition, then try to detoxify your body with colon cleansing.