Colon Health Helps Maintain Total Body Health

Colon HealthIt has been said that death begins in the colon. This statement is very true, if the colon isn’t healthy a wide array of illnesses and diseases can develop throughout the body. Colon health is one of the most important parts of maintaining total body health!

Your body literally acts like a sponge absorbing toxins! With every breath you take and every meal you consume poisonous chemicals are entering the body. Even the water you drink contains chemicals. Then we introduce more toxins into the body from cleaning products, personal toiletries and bad habits such as smoking.

Hair dyes and perms are one of the most popular products to change the appearance. Yet, each time you use them, you are feeding dangerous chemicals to your body! Most of these chemicals are even strong enough to burn the skin! And, some chemicals such as those found in oven cleaners can actually be corrosive to some types of metals!

Although several of the vital organs work together to eliminate poisonous waste from the body, the majority of waste is eliminated by the colon. When the colon is unable to properly cleanse the body of toxic chemicals and waste, diseases soon develop.

In an ideal environment of a clean world, the colon is more than able to eliminate the waste produced by the body. But, the world is not clean! Today more than ever before everything around you is comprised of toxic chemicals. And, the health of the environment is a major contributor to the health of your body.

When more toxins are introduced into the body than it can eliminate, these poisonous chemicals get trapped inside the tissues, organs and cells. Over time waste that can’t be eliminated by the colon stagnates and hardens, clinging to the colon walls.

This poisonous toxins in the trapped waste travels back through the bloodstream into healthy organs. The weakest organs begin to show signs of damage first. You become sick and often develop life threatening diseases. Studies even indicate that effects of an unhealthy colon might be responsible in the development of cancer.

The first warning sign given off by the colon is usually constipation. While almost everyone suffers from constipation now and then, frequent occurrences point to a serious problem. Laxatives can provide temporary relief, but they do nothing in relieving the underlying cause.

Frequent occurrences of diarrhea can also be caused by an unhealthy colon. The colon creates a soft stool by absorbing water out of fecal matter. If it’s not working properly, the fecal material remains in a liquid form. The opposite result occurs when the colon absorbs too much of the water and you become constipated.

Other symptoms include frequent abdominal pain, bloating, gas and indigestion. You may experience headaches, increased body and breath odors, backaches and constant fatigue. And, even arthritis, allergies and asthma. Major health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes have even been linked to an unhealthy colon.

The colon becomes the bodies septic tank, filled with decaying fecal matter that results in autointoxication. Autointoxication is a process in which the body poisons itself! The poisons trapped in the colon literally affect every cell in the entire body.

The decaying matter in the colon also presents the perfect environment for parasites and worms. It is believed that many people walk around with numerous parasitic infestations without even knowing it. Normally many of these parasites and intestinal worms would just get flushed out of the body. But, the matter on the colon walls, provides them a place to embed themselves inside your body.

A toxic colon produces a domino effect that virtually sends a wave of poisons throughout your entire body. The immune system becomes weakened and is no longer able to defend the body. Eventually, those toxins destroy your cells, tissues and vital organs.

The average colon is approximately five feet long. It is estimated that the average person can have up to 20 pounds or more of toxic matter trapped inside their colon! And, a healthy colon should produce three bowel movements on a daily basis.

Laxatives and anti-diarrhea medications are only temporary fixes for a much more serious problem. The only real way to correct the cause of the problem is through Colon Cleansing. Cleansing the colon will help flush out the years of toxic waste that has became trapped onto the walls of the colon so that your colon can once again do the job it’s meant to perform.

In the U.S. alone over 6 trillion pounds of chemicals are manufactured. This amount consists of over 9,000 various types of toxic substances that get released into the water and air. And, many of these chemicals end up in products that we all use on a daily basis.

Some traditional physicians still repute the fact that the colon is linked to some of the various health problems. But, through the numerous studies that have already been done, there is scientific proof to back up the claim that death does indeed begin in the colon.