100% Pure Acai Berry for Weight Loss and Body Detoxification

100% Pure Acai Berry Weight Loss Supplement. There has been so much speculation around Acai berries, and in primary, their potency as a dietary supplement for weight loss. More recently, this fruit has been named as the world’s strongest superfood. These berries, which are native to the Amazon of South America, are really very beneficial for weight loss purposes.

There are several products on the market that are composed of this great nutritional food, and the 100% Pure Acai is no exception. In fact, this product exceptionally better than others of its type.
100% Pure Acai includes only the berries, harvested directly from the Amazon rainforest and immediately freeze-dried for maximum quality in every capsule. It is not stated as an ‘extract’; each capsule contains pure Acai berries packed full of antioxidants, fibre, protein, vitamins and essential minerals.

Acai berries are a powerful fruit packed with antioxidants which are great for your health, skin, hair, sleep and can even help as a weight-loss supplement. 100% Pure Acai proves to be a potent and proficient acai product, available for purposes of weight loss and body detoxification. It is absolutely safe, and the formula ensures that the product is completely devoid of any harmful side effects. When using 100% Pure Acai, there’s no need to worry about safety problems which may occur as a result of use. As a completely natural supplement, it is yields a host of incomparable benefits.

There are several benefits, listed as follows:

  • Helps to lose weight fast and easy
  • Provides safe and effective results
  • Natural, almost devoid of any side effects
  • Boosts energy levels and increase metabolism
  • Helps control weight management
  • Detoxifies your body in a very safe, natural approach

100% Pure Acai very well may be the best Acai product, and accurately delivers the effects mentioned above.

What to Look for when Buying Acai Berry Supplements

Not all Acai berry capsules are the same. Many companies are offering ‘acai’ supplements at low prices. Always check the label. Often, these are ‘extracts’, with the ‘acai’ ingredient often listed third or fourth, hidden in with fillers such as soya bean oil, glycerine, and anti-caking agents.

Don’t waste money on cheap high-street acai berry extracts and be careful of products ranging from $5-15. Pure Acai Berry is expensive to produce and harvested from South American Palm trees, high above the ground.

To receive the maximum potential from acai, the fruit must be the whole fruit in a freeze-dried powder capsule form. Acai capsules should be dark purple-black depending on the strength. 100% Pure Acai is the darkest available colour, and the UK’s strongest and most concentrated acai berry.

Never apply for free trials of any products! There’s no such thing as a ‘free trial’ – these companies repeatedly charge your card monthly, so don’t fall for these scams. The manufacturers of 100% Pure Acai promise that they are not involved with these scams and you can buy product from their website, called Evolution Slimming, with confidence.

100% Pure Acai Berry is the ONLY acai berry to be independently reviewed by the SUNDAY EXPRESS. This product is an ideal for supporting optimum health and weight management.

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100% Pure Acai - The only Acai product reviewed by editors of SUNDAY EXPRESS.