Acai Berry Health Secrets

Acai berries Acai Berry is recently declared as the world’s number one super food. Rumors are that this tiny purple fruit has the potential of fighting against heart attack 10 times more than red wine. Shocking news is that these rumors today are backed up by the clinical studies. The studies have proved that Acai Berry is not only the number one solution to cardiovascular problem but at the same time it is an excellent anti aging product. What not? It is one of the most valuable fruits that support the healthy weight loss. If you want to find more details go through the passages below.

Lowers Down the Level of Bad Cholesterol and Removes Toxins

The fast-food we eat contains a hoard of trans fats; a major culprit of high cholesterol levels. It is true that French fries and burgers are extremely addictive and we are eating these even when we have time to cook healthier cuisine.

Almost if we see ourselves in a bigger picture we are having 5 glasses of sodas, 2 slices of pizza, 2 burgers and uncountable bags of chips. After eating all these; what are we doing? We are sitting languidly in front of the TV or computer screen without having a time for batting the eyelashes. Even a 6-year old child can tell us that we’ll end clogging the arteries if we do not act on this soon.

Even if we start walking or jogging for one hour in one day; still to speed up the fat burning process we need some accelerators. Acai Berry is an example of one such accelerator.

Comparison of Effectiveness of Acai Berry with Other Fruits

But why Acai Berry and not any other fruit or supplement? The ambiguity in your mind is right. The method of working of Acai Berry is same as any other fruit but it is more efficient and effective. Acai Berry contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids like blueberries and grapes. Antioxidants are found in many fruits and have the capacity of fighting against free radicals. The free radicals are something that we pick up daily from stress, chemicals and pollution. If free radicals go out of proportion they can cause the growth of cancerous cells. The percentage of antioxidant is highest in Acai Berry compared to any other fruit.

Anthocyanin is a substance that is found in red wine. Red wine aids in the absorption of fat but it is unhealthy as it is alcoholic. Acai Berry on the other hand, not only is free from side effect but at the same time contains anthocyanin that is 10 folds more than the one found in red wine. So, Acai Berry is more effective and is free of side effects.

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