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Connection Personal Trainer - Join The Revolution. Starting the first months of the year with resolution of losing weight is always a good start. But, it must not forget that the desire to lose weight alone is not enough. Apart from wanting to get off the excess pounds is important to seek the safe and effective tools that will lead to the goal.

Many people end up in recent months of the year, saying: “After Christmas I will begin a diet to lose weight.” However, many of them are not consistent in the new resolution and the majority comes to summer without having lost a single pound. In other cases, pounds lost in the first months of recovered soon and again receive another year with more weight and the same resolution. And if this is the reality, the question that arises is, how can we really achieve lose excess pounds safely and permanently?

Certainly, we have to begin by saying that losing weight is not easy. Obesity is a complex condition and multifactorial. But, while recognizing that we have eliminated pounds is more difficult, there is also good news. If you really love him, no matter how many pounds you have to lose, with effective strategies and professional supervision can be done!

First, it should be noted that there were sufficient medical reasons for which we should avoid obesity. These include: an increase in the chances of developing diabetes mellitus, glucose uncontrolled diabetes when there is the relationship with certain types of cancer, the rise in blood pressure and other cardiovascular conditions. Obesity is also associated with fatty liver, musculoesqueletales conditions, low self-esteem and depression, among other illnesses.

Secondly, it should be noted that the concept of beauty has changed and we want it or not, being in a weight “reasonable” and helps us to project ourselves better. Similarly, the proportion who has muscle and fat plays a significant factor in the appearance. The question that immediately we are, if we should be in a weight “reasonable”, and also, we know that we are going to see and feel better, then why not we? At this point is that we began to recognize the complexity of the condition.

There are several reasons why people suffer weight problem. In most cases what happens is a metabolic imbalance-energy, and only one percent very low obesity responds to hormonal reasons. People usually consume large quantities of food and / or selection is high in fat or refined sugars. These excesses are translated into an increase in calories, which are not removed, but that accumulate and lead to an increase in weight.

The sedentary lifestyle is another factor aggravating the problem of overweight, as people, not only consume a lot of calories with little nutritional, but not burned by the lack of exercise.

Any person wishing to lose weight in a healthy way should include the exercise. Exercise has many benefits: lower the “bad” cholesterol, increases the “good” cholesterol, reduces blood glucose, low blood pressure, relieves stress, increases metabolism and moderates the appetite. In addition, the person will drop weight faster also reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass. The criteria for assessing the state of health, and is considered the determination of the percent of fat as an indicator better than weight. Technology has advanced and among the best methods is the use of infrared light to measure the distribution of the body. The use of this measure is essential to enable the person to realize not only the lost pounds in total, but also reduces the fat and muscle mass increases.

Finally, we should also mention that there are other important elements of psychological origin in the development of obesity. Many people channelled through the food different emotional states, which control the food intake involves working psychological factors that lead to slippage in the eating. Some of them are: the tension, frustration, punishment, anxiety and depression. The right combination of nutritional therapy, psychological and medical pillars are to achieve the change in lifestyle, weight reduction and the permanence of it.

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Connection Personal Trainer - Join The Revolution.