The Benefits of Oil of Oregano

OreganoWe have been discussing natural herbal products that are beneficial to the digestive system. One type of herbal product is oregano. Oil of oregano has been found to possess many different benefits for the health of the stomach and intestines. By including Oil of Oregano in your diet, then total body health is achieved.

First of all, oil of oregano has been found to have numerous minerals such as beta-carotene, niacin, copper, and calcium. These minerals are essential for anyone not receiving these elements in their diet. Oil of Oregano also contains anti-oxidants that protect the cells from damage from free radicals that cause cancer.

Oil of Oregano has been discovered to have anti-microbial properties. This herbal remedy is used to fight against any bacteria that might have invaded the body. This main benefit of oregano oil is the result of two main chemicals called Carvacrol and Thymol. These two chemicals are responsible for this herb having the ability to destroy and protect the body against germs. Therefore, oil of oregano is also able to help in the treatment of yeast and fungal infections.

The second benefit that is achieved by the use of Oil of Oregano is the health of the digestive system. Oil of Oregano is a natural way to purify the digestive system. It works in the same way as a colon cleanser to remove toxins and impurities from the system, and give a feeling of being clean in your total body.

Oil of oregano also is useful in promoting strong joints and helping your muscles remain flexible. The oil based formula helps to reduce friction from joints in people suffering from arthritis.

Other than the benefits to the digestive, muscular, and immune systems, Oil of Oregano has numerous minor functions. It can improve respiratory function, and increase breathing, while reducing coughing. The oil has also been shown to reduce the pain and tension associated with migraine headaches. It is also used in the treatment of dandruff.

Therefore, based on this information, Oil of Oregano is able to help in a number of common ailments that people suffer from. Definitely the most important benefit is in the treatment of digestive conditions.