What to Eat While Colon Cleansing

Colon Cleansing Diet FoodsIf you have decided to undergo a colon cleanse, for every one thing that is beneficial in your diet to eat, there are numerous other foods that should be avoided.

When undergoing a colon cleanse, it is recommended that you first start with a vitamin supplement. A vitamin supplement can replace the essential nutrients and minerals that have been missing from your food. A vitamin supplement will also help give you the needed energy to effectively clean your bowel, and restore it to its normal healthy state.

After adding a vitamin supplement to the diet, a probiotic is also recommended. A probiotic will contain the essential bacteria that your body needs to properly digest food, and maintain the natural gut pH. It is important to add a probiotic after a colon cleanse, because cleansing will remove all everything from the bowel walls.

Other than a vitamin or probiotic, people who are “veterans” at cleaning their bowels will suggest the use of foods with a high nutritional content. Examples of a food with a high nutritional content include yeast flakes. Yeast flakes can be purchased at any health food store, and they help to restore the colon to a healthy state, while giving a dose of B vitamins.

Eggs are also encouraged to be added to the diet when colon cleansing. Raw eggs are a great source of protein that will provide energy during this process.

However, when colon cleansing all junk food should be avoided. These included chips, cookies, and other snacks that provide calories without any nutritional value. It is also necessary to avoid any foods containing caffeine, such as tea, coffee, or soft drinks. In order to restore total body health, alcohol and smoking should be abstained from, because these two main activities are notorious for increasing toxins within the body.