The wonderful benefits of a colon cleanse

Colon Cleanse Benefits. Colon cleansing has helped a countless number of people throughout history feel better and live better. The concept of the process is nothing new. Early human civilizations as far back as four thousand years ago were experimenting with colon cleansing.

The ancient Egyptians valued this method of body detoxification enough to include it within their records. After studying the Egyptian culture, archeologists discovered that there would have been a prominent member of Egyptian society whose job would be to conduct colon cleansing. This person was held in the highest regard, as he is usually placed near important members of Egyptian society in their records. The method used was a very unrefined version of the enema.

Ancient Greeks also believed in colon cleanse by use of an enema. Hippocrates noted that after an enema with cold water, a fever was reduced significantly. Colon cleansing offered a way to become clean in body and mind by removing all the harmful toxins that developed after the final stage of digestion.

In the last couple centuries, researchers used new scientific methods to determine the effectiveness of colon cleansing. Dr. John H. Kellogg, an American doctor, found that many gastrointestinal surgeries could be avoided with a simple colon cleansing. Many gastrointestinal diseases that plagued people and sometimes resulted in cancer and death suddenly became less effective due to an effective bowel cleanse.

More recently, the usage of colon cleansing on small children can be shown to help the medical condition encopresis. Encopresis affects young children, usually up to the age of five. With encopresis, a child’s colon absorbs too much water from the stool, making the stool hard and painful to pass. Modern studies have shown that a simple colon cleansing can make a world of difference for a child suffering from encopresis.

Today, colon cleansing is used for a multitude of reasons. Many people get a good detoxification to relieve themselves of constipation. Some get a colon cleansing because it helps them concentrate on tasks instead of worrying about their body. However, one of the biggest reasons given for having an internal system cleansed is for the removal of toxins. This reason is the same today as it was four thousand years ago. This demonstrates the practical nature of colon cleansing as an effective way to promote good health.

The method of colon cleansing has demonstrated its benefits through time. Ancient philosophers to modern day doctors and pediatricians understand the value of effective colon cleansing. How about you?