Colon Detoxification

Is Colon Detoxification Really Beneficial To Good Health?

Digest It Colon Cleanse Detoxification Colon detoxification is very controversial subject. Depending on who you talk to, it can restore good health and literally save your life, or it’s just a bogus treatment that has no benefits! But, if you’re concerned about staying healthy and disease free, you owe it to yourself, your family and your body to learn about colon detoxification and make your own choice!

You hear about environmental pollutants on a daily basis. There is probably nothing in today’s world that doesn’t involve toxins in some way! If it doesn’t contain toxins, toxins were produced as it was being manufactured! Toxins are even produced as products are being transported to stores!

We can all see the damage that pollution is doing to the environment. We can also see the damage it’s doing to wildlife. Fish in polluted waters are full of disease, some have deformities and many are dying. Many animals are close to extinction from the damage that nature has suffered from toxic pollutants.

So, why is the human body any different? Are we immune from the effects of toxins in the environment? Do we have some magical powers over toxins? No, we’re not immune to the effects of toxins, the increase in chronic diseases seen to day is proof of that. But, the body does have it’s own magical power over toxins.

The digestive system is a joint process of organs working together to supply the body with essential nutrients and rid the body of waste. The liver is responsible for transforming toxins into substances that can easily and safely be eliminated from the body. Those substances are then transported to the colon which actually performs the elimination process.

In a healthy body, the elimination process expels all or most of the toxins from the body. The problem is, the thousands of toxins we come in contact with on a daily basis, combined with the abuse we inflict on our bodies through diet and lifestyle, creates an over load of toxins. The body can’t keep up with the elimination process and poisonous waste is accumulating inside the colon.

To protect itself from toxins, the gastrointestinal tract produces mucous that coats the walls. The more toxins introduced into the body, the more mucous is produced. With larger amounts of mucous than normal, it sits in the colon and hardens to the walls.

This hardened plaque not only stops the natural functions of the colon and traps toxins and fecal waste, it ferments and decays inside the colon. The decaying matter and the colons warm, moist environment then becomes the perfect breeding ground for human parasites!

Colon DetoxificationThe colon is a highly developed elimination machine! It is the last stop for everything that can’t be digested. The colon makes one last effort to absorb any remaining nutrients and water from the waste before eliminating it from the body. The colon is also the source of around half of the bodies main protection, the immune system!

With all the fats, refined sugars and other inorganic substances that are in the modern diet, the colon gets compacted with fecal matter. The result is constipation and as the waste moves slower and slower, more of it hardens to the walls of the colon.

When the colons walls get covered with hardened waste, it can no longer absorb the nutrients and water needed to help keep the body healthy. The parts of the immune system that are located inside the colon are no longer able to protect the body. And, the body is left to fight illness with only half of it’s natural defenses.

It’s only natural that anything that stays inside the body long enough will get absorbed into the bloodstream and toxins are no different. Once in the bloodstream, the toxins travel into every part of the body destroying glands and creating diseases!

A healthy colon is approximately 2.5” in diameter, one that is full of trapped waste can be five times that size or more! And, the path for waste removal, can be decreased to the size of a pencil. A healthy colon weighs around four pounds, yet after years of build up, most people’s colon can weighs many times the normal weight.

Scientists estimate that there are over 700 toxins inside each and every person. Toxins that create cancers, heart disease, liver and kidney disease, irritable bowel syndrome and much more. The beginning symptoms range from headaches, fatigue, skin problems, constipation and diarrhea, to body and joint aches and many other problems.

Colon detoxification uses herbs, fibers, probiotics and other substances along with a change in diet and lifestyle to help loosen the hardened, toxic waste matter so that it can be easily flushed out of the colon. There are many colon detox systems available and you can even find simple recipes to make your own formula.

Since the damage done to your colon didn’t happen instantly, the detoxification process can’t cleanse the colon instantly. It’s a process that takes days or even weeks to complete, but it’s a process that can restore the health of your colon and the health of your body!

If you’re still not convinced of the astronomical health benefits of colon detoxification, all you have to do is try it once. While not everyone reports the same results, most people that have done a detoxification have report more energy, less pain and an all around restoration of health.