Colonic Cleansing — What Is It?

Colonic cleansing — info to know before you try colonic hydrotherapy. Colonic cleansing is important to remain healthy. Also known as the large intestine, it is known as the sewer where all unwanted and harmful or toxic elements are stored. If the colon is not cleansed then the waste accumulated there from the body will not be flushed out and this may lead to diseases and organ functioning problems. There are times when the natural cleansing system in the colon can grow weak and hence we need to acquire an artificial cleansing system to keep our body fit and healthy.

Colonic cleansing: the 4,000 years old therapy

This cleansing of colon is an ancient process and is being used for almost 4,000 years now since it all began in Egypt. The cleaning of colon heals the large intestine and restores its natural size and makes it function properly. The most common method is known as colon irrigation. Colon irrigation helps in enhancing proper bowel movements through restoration of normal peristalsis also known as muscular contraction.

The colonic cleansing therapy takes place in several stages. The first and the most important step involve thorough cleaning of the large intestine. Water is gently infused into the bowel so that it keeps flowing out at regular intervals. As a result, all the toxins and fecal matter are washed away from the walls of the colon. The removal of toxins minimizes the risk of skin disorders, constipation and depression.

The second and last step is healing and restoration of the functions of the colon. Restoration of functions will enhance maximum efficiency in absorbing nutrients and also eliminate waste matter. A strict diet needs to be followed with water and herbal tea.

The benefits of colonic cleansing are many. The detoxification will lead to clearing intestinal blockages, help in blood clotting and clean up the blood. It will also prevent the formation of gallstones and breakdown cholesterol. Cleansing will control blood pressure and remove toxicity problems like constipation, bad breath, backache, skin problems, etc.