Colon Cleansing Recipes

Providing Good Health for Your Digestive System

Colon Cleanse Recipes for Improving Digestive System. If you want optimal health, good colon health support is necessary. When it comes to food, we are usually our own biggest enemies, and the intestine often takes the brunt of the damage. A diet rich in meats, fats, and sugar, which is also low in fiber, takes its toll on the digestive system. Food stays in the colon longer than normal, even up to a week before it is passed through a bowel movement. The longer food stays in the gut, the more time it has to putrefy. The colon is one hard working organ, but it needs help from you in order to stay at peak efficiency. One of the things you can do to help it out and improve your health as well to add a few colon cleanse recipes to your daily routine.

The best area to make lifelong changes is in your diet. Eating large amounts of raw fruits and vegetables and reducing the amount of processed food down to the lowest level is ideal. Raw fruits and vegetables is an excellent method of removing mucoid plaque from the digestive tract. You can also add fiber in the form of supplements – most are very easy to take either in tablet form or dissolved in a glass of water. Most formulas contain Psyllium husks that are of great benefit it appears in the prevention of colon cancer as well as relieving constipation and diarrhea.

Psyllium swells and transforms into a gel when combined with water. This makes wastes softer, bulkier, and more easily dispensed with in the colon. The easier it is to pass stool through the rectum the less chance there is of grievous tears in the digestive system and rectal area. Your grandmother may not have been referring to you colon when she told you an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but it certainly applies.

Herbs can be added to Psyllium supplements to enhance the good effects. The resulting colon cleansing recipe could include marshmallow, Irish moss, or slippery elm. It’s best to read the labels of the product before adding it to your diet. Sugar and chemicals can undermine all your good work. Aspartame is another product to avoid as it has some shockingly bad effects on the body over all.