An Unhealthy Colon Can Result in Endless Symptoms

For centuries, holistic medicine has realized the link between colon health and numerous diseases and illness. Today, modern medicine has began to follow that same belief after countless studies have been done linking an unhealthy colon to a wide array of serious medical problems.

The colon is the main organ in a uniquely designed waste elimination system. The abundance of toxic chemicals that the body comes in contact with on a daily basis end up in the colon waiting to get eliminated. If they can’t be flushed out of the body, they can remain in the colon for years.

One of the first symptoms of an unhealthy colon is frequent or severe constipation. With the colon walls lined with hardened waste matter, the elimination of fecal waste is slowed. The slower the toxic filled waste moves through the colon, the more poisons that are absorbed back into the body and into the bloodstream.

Unhealthy Colon

Another symptom can be a constant bloated feeling that causes discomfort. The fermenting waste causes toxic gases that can make you swell and create excess gas. There could be 20 pounds or more of rotting, decaying waste trapped in your colon.

The toxins weaken your body, drain your energy and you may feel constantly fatigued. Nutrients from the foods that you eat are absorbed by the digestive tract, a blocked colon can no longer supply the essential vitamins and nutrients to provide the body with energy.

The toxins will also weaken your immune system and you’ll be more vulnerable to colds, flu and other illness. Studies have now shown that more than half of the bodies immune defenses are located in the colon, an unhealthy colon results in an unhealthy immune system!

With the stress and poisonous toxins that accumulate in your body, headaches can become a common occurrence. You may also begin to have skin problems such as acne and other breakouts. And, often dry skin will become a major problem that just won’t go away.

An over load of toxins in the body may also be the cause of excessive body odors. Sweat glands are another part of the bodies elimination system and as some of the toxins are released through sweat, the smell becomes much stronger.

You may find that even though you have a loss of appetite, you still gain weight or can’t lose any weight. And, the problems with digestion that cause the bloating and gas can often make it painful or too uncomfortable to eat!

Other symptoms include memory loss, inability to concentrate, joint pain, excessive bad breath and even premature aging. And, all of the symptoms that are constantly attacking your body can even bring on bouts with depression.

Left untreated a colon that is overwhelmed with toxic waste can create more serious medical problems like heart disease, arthritis and cancer. Studies now show that around 90% of all illness and disease is directly related to an unhealthy colon.

Studies have also shown that a thorough colon cleansing can reverse many of the symptoms and illnesses associated with a toxic colon. Many times physicians can’t find a cause for the symptoms so the origin goes untreated. You don’t have to let an unhealthy colon control you, you can take control and release your colon of the years of build up that’s poisoning your body.