Body Cleansing Techniques

Body Cleansing - herbal body cleansers Most detoxifying techniques concentrate on cleansing particular organs, such as the colon, liver or kidneys. Colon cleansing therapy involves the consumption of fiber and other herbal supplements which are intended to clean the colon. Kidney cleansing therapy uses juices, supplements and herbs to dissolve kidney stones and “flush” the kidneys. Similarly, in liver cleansing therapy specific foods are consumed in order to stimulate the liver and gall bladder to flush toxins and fatty deposits from the body.

While most techniques focus on detoxifying of specific organs, there are also techniques of body cleansing which concentrate on the entire body. For example, parasite cleansing is based on consuming bitter herbs in the form of tinctures and pills, in sufficient quantities to create an inhospitable environment in the body for parasites.

Another body cleansing technique is fasting which involves refraining from food over a short period of time. This reduces considerably the burden on the body associated with digesting food and processing waste and facilitates the process of natural healing. Oxygen therapy is yet another cleansing technique in which toxins and bacteria are neutralized by targeting certain oxidation reactions. Hyperthermia, on the other hand, involves increasing the body’s temperature in order to stimulate the body’s natural healing capacity and immune system activity.

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